Driver behaviour is one of the key management areas for a company. Drivers who have erratic driving patterns are a challenge, especially if the company does not know whether this driving was due to a positive corrective action or a negative abusive circumstance. With VideoMaster, these behaviours are isolated and identified through triggering in-cabin camera(s) which capture the situation as it is happening.

Whether you are in a service industry or providing public transportation, VideoMaster can relay essential digital data to the fleet owner to provide real time feedback of events inside and outside the vehicle. Fleet Managers can also trigger snap shots at any time to view images inside the driver’s cabin. This is a powerful and useful feature for long haul carriers and other service orientated companies.

Whether you use VideoMaster as an on-demand image service or by pre-defining the criteria when an image needs to be captured, the results will increase your productivity, improve driver behaviour and enhance service delivery objectives.